T Shirt

Resolution & Speed
High quality mode : 720x1440dpi 14m²/hr
Standard mode : 360x1440dpi 28m²/hr
High speed mode : 360X720dpi 45m²/hr
Feeding System Release cloth automatically, optional tension system can be chosen automatic belt clean & dry installation infrared heating installation
Inks 4 Colors, 6 Colors, 8 Colors optional, support with pigment, reactive, acid and sublimation ink
RIP Texprint, Seeget, PhotoPrint etc.
Format Dimension 2100 L x 2400 W x 1500 H (mm)
Print Head Konica KM 1024 iMAC-C 13pl variable print head auto anti-clogged flash
Modalities : Roll to Roll media
Size : Max width 1.85 meters, unlimited length
Classifications : Cotton, Silk, Wool, Cashmere Polyester, Chinlon and other chemical fiber fabrics
Print Format PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, AL etc. (RGB/CMYK)
Environment & Power
Temperature : 20-30 °C
Humidity : 45-75% RH
Gross Power : 3.5 KW