Print Heads
Konica 1024 (42PL or 14PL)
Auto anti-clogged flash maintenance system
Resolution& Speed
Mode Speed with 4 heads Speed with 8 heads
Normal Speed: 180 X 720 dpi ( 2 Pass) 1000sq.ft/hr 2000sq.ft/hr
Quality Mode: 180 X 1080 dpi (3 Pass) 750sq.ft/hr. 1500sq.ft/hr
Indoor Quality:
180 X 1440 dpi (4 Pass)
500sq.ft/hr 1000sq.ft/hr.
Modalities: R2R media
Width: Max. 3.2m meters
Unlimited Length
Classification: PVC Banner, Vinyl, Coating Film, Mesh, Fabrics, One-way vision, Paper…….etc.
Inks Konica Certified ink
Print Format PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, AL, etc (RGB/CMYK)
Rip Software Photo Print
Print Interface USB
Heating System Front Heater, Back Heater ( Equipped)
Auto feeding System Equipped
Auto Taking System Equipped
Cleaning System Single Color Purging System
Package Dimension ( L X W X H) 4700x1100x1680mm
Gross Weight 650Kgs
Environment & Power
Temperature: 20-800C
Humidity: 40-60% RH
Gross Power: AC 220V, 50HZ / 60HZ, 500W-1800W