T Jet Textile Printer

Fast & Stable

Original drum-type fabric conveyer belt system, exactly cloth-passing enables images dimension accurate enough
KONICA TP9 high-speed industrial print head, high-resolution output model, maximum speed 300m2/hr
Print width up to 3.2 meters, grand fabric output, expand the wide flag and home textile market in a certain degree
Negative pressure type print head cleaning installation, keep steady of nozzle, high quality of output

Brilliant colors

High-resolution 1440dpi output
4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors optional, the more broad output of color gamut for you with the purpose of striking colors
Sublimation ink output within double through results, one-time print & two sides output, in order to reflect same perfect colors from both two sides, reduce cost & improve effectiveness
Infrared induction of human protection
Heavy duty frame
Resolution& Speed
High quality model Production model High speed model
720×1440dpi 70m2/hr 360×1440dpi 150m2/hr 360×720dpi 300m2/hr
KONICA TP9 print head, Maximum 8 print heads
Automatic print head clean system
Feeding system
Roll to roll take up & release automatically
Roller fabric-transporting system
Modalities: Roll to Roll media
Specification: Max width 3.2 meters
Classifications: Double through fabric, flags, cotton, adhesive-film (With different inks), mesh fabric
Inks 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors optional, works with sublimation ink, dispersed ink, pigment ink
Print Format PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, AI etc. (RGB / CMYK)
RIP Photoprint, Texprint, Wasatch
Environment & power
Temperature: 20-30℃
Humidity: 45% - 75%RH
Gross power: 11KW