M Jet


LED back light Box Magnificent high-speed output suit for POP poster and outdoor advertising light Box
M-Jet super high speed with 300m2/hr on UV roll print output
Application Material: Banner, mesh fabric, light cloth, flag vinyl and other advertising material (coating or non-coating), soft film

Double rolls print

M-Jet can print on two rolls both synchronously, maximum produce effectiveness and fulfill the delivery favorably the best quality

Highly effective UV-curable equipment

M-Jet works with high effect UV-curable equipment, whatever print model customers choose, always keep the best imagination output quality

High-resolution / Multi option

Adopt latest KONICA KM1024iMHE 14pl or KM1024iLHE-30 30pl high speed industry printhead, for the sake of different business demands
The steel board structure of independent media-feeding system to ensure the accuracy of feeding
Take up & release with inflatable roller, ensure the accuracy of feeding
Infrared induction of human protection
Heavy duty frame
Resolution& Speed
High quality model Production model High speed model
720×1440dpi 150m2/hr 360×1440dpi 200m2/hr 360×720dpi 300m2/hr
KONICA KM 1024i (Latest super high speed industry print head), up to 12 print heads
Auto suck ink system
Ink suck protect system
Feeding system
Auto take up & release with tension control
Take up & release with Inflatable roller
Modalities: Roll to Roll media
Specification: Max width 3.2 meters, unlimited length
Classifications: High density flags, Vehicle wrapping, soft film, back light box
Inks UK ink, 4 colors (CMYK) or 6 colors (CMYK Lc Lm) or 7 colors
Print Format PDF, PS, EPS,TIFF, AI etc. (RGB / CMYK)
RIP PhotoPrint Edition version 10, ONYX, Ergosoft
Environment & power
Temperature: 20-30℃
Humidity: 45-75%RH
Gross power: 6.6KW
Packaging dimension 5000L × 1600W × 1900H (mm)
Weight 3000KG