E Jet V0

Resolution & Speed
High Quality model: 720x1440dpi 8m2/hr
Standard model : 360x1440dpi 15m2/hr
High speed model : 360x720dpi 30m2/hr
Print Head Epson DX5 Print Head Minimum 3.5pl variable ink-drop nozzle Auto suck ink, ink suck protect system
Feeding System Taking material with motor, release media without motor and tension system
Modalities : Roll to Roll media
Specification : Max width 1.6 meters, unlimited length
Classification : Banner, Sublimation paper, PE, PP, ABS, PU, Vinyl
Inks 4 Colors, 6 Colors apply for eco-solvent, water-base and dye sublimation ink
Print Format PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, AL etc. (RGB/CMYK)
RIP PhotoPrint, Seeget, MainTop
Environment Power
Temperature : 20-30oC
Humidity : 45-75% RH
Gross Power : 3.5 KW
Format Dimension
Packaging dimension : 2800L x 700W x 950H (mm)
Weight : 200KG